Blog reluctance


Since graduating I’ve spent the last few months moving to a new flat and starting a new job as a QA technician for Feral Interactive. In that time outside of running I’ve been both trying to get into the habit of studying as much game design literature/media as possible. In making

trying to avoid starting a blog for several reasons, but for my new years anti-resolution I’ve decided to give up on this reluctance and unwind its current traction through a.

Step i. Fake your own intellectual death. Escape the imposter police.

‘Well I’m fresh fuck out of ideas at this point Chief’

There are many great, fantastic games blogs out there on design, politics, nostalgia and anything you could desire. This one isn’t trying to be a plucky little bud that can one day to grow to these heights. This blog is a way of making sense, and mapping those greater theories, offering small sketches of wider ideas.

Step ii. Burndown your reputation of mystery. No one is an avatar of employability.



There is a lot to be said in the modern world (for the benefits of career progression) not to have opinions and to present yourself tabula rasa to whatever gap the baroque world of employment permits you to have a chance to fill.

Step iii. Weaponise undisciplined thoughts. Set wild ambitions steely goals.


‘Hey buddy, you’ve got to hear this great idea I have’

To that end I will:
* Review, recommend, & catalogue existing models/theories of the current cannon of game design theory – or interesting examples of design in games/interactive experiences
* Draw from select readings from the wider theoretical grounding of holistic design theory in application to game design
* Contribute modest offerings to related fields

Step vi. Weaponise pedagogy. Arm your peers.

The purpose of this blog is not to create a portfolio of carefully curated , but to provide a series of It’s here as a personal method of thinking aloud, of thought sharpening, of hoping to achieve a deeper understanding of game design, a greater outlet and a directed career path.

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